Wedding Day Picture Plan? No Plan!

Candid and natural Wedding Photography by Cork bases wedding photographer Philip Bourke
Calm and Chaos

Wedding Day Picture Plan? No plan! While this may terrify some it is warmly and enthusiastically embraced by many others. If you find yourself looking over the documentary and photojournalist wedding photography work on my website then it should ring clear that my way of working is a reactive one. As opposed to a set out plan.

A plan that perhaps I’d use week in week with the main effect utter boredom and little else. From first picture to last it is all about reacting, and not staging, and isn’t this what reportage wedding photography should be all about?

No. Absolutely no plan. I don’t really even need too much details (the dreaded list comes to mind). I will react to the day as it unfolds.

There is method. And as mentioned previously in another piece, each day can be radically different to the next. What works for one wedding may not be exactly what another requires. And so being tuned in allows for a set of pictures that will be unique to that day, because when looking and observing there will not be any other way but for that wedding day to be genuinely unique.

I know from my own clientele that they love this approach. No fuss. No messing. I just get down to work.  This for me as a wedding photographer is where the excitement is. It is how it things kept fresh. Each wedding day will bring what it will bring. Anytime I get a hint of somebody that will require a host of certain (and often cliched) images I run a mile as it makes no sense to me. I have my own methodology. To have the freedom to just get on with it.

Often there will be times I walk into a room on a wedding day and will it be calm. And so the work will be calm as it is reflective of the mood and tone. And then sometimes I will be met by chaos. Quite often in that chaos is an image waiting to be framed. This is where the fun and originality is with both scenarios.

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