When it comes to the Wedding just let the kids be kids!

A while back as I was going around the reception during a wedding somewhere in West Cork. There was a young lad, probably about eight or nine. He was looking really dapper in his cool suit and dickie bow. He seemed to be a bit of a character. Each time I passed him he’d stop what he was doing and would put on this forced smile. He stopped the fun stuff and put his focus on the photographer. Actually this seemed to be par for the course for the duration of the day. But not what I as a candid wedding photographer really cares for. When it comes to the wedding just let the kids be kids. They are so much entertaining when allowed to do as they wish.

Clearly this is what he was told to do at the wedding. And I suppose this is something that happens quite a bit. Stare at the camera and put on a cheesy forced smile. I wish would just not be the case. And let’s face it, they really do not want to do this but have been told to do so.

As I always stress, there should be no special treatment for the bloke with the camera paid to take pictures. Just allowing the young ones to be themselves is always quite fun and can make for some terrific images. When instructed to “look at the cameraman (yuck!) and smile”. I get nothing but the same face over and over and they become conscious of this.

They forget their train of thought and lose that quizzical expression which to me is sheer magic. Even if they look bored they just look bored, which to me is wonderful. Quite often a parent will go “that’s my son / daughter!”.  It reveals so much more than the cheesy smile, they get a kick out of it. The image becomes timeless, the expression in it priceless.

At times I’ll inform the parent (which I hate having to do and should not have to do) that it is not necessary for them to encourage their child to stare at the photographer.

Yet there’s always a way to find the image and scene that works best and not just for me but for the couple themselves. I think they’d much prefer a quirky picture of them doing stuff that they feel sums them up.

That is what I will capture. It always makes for a more interesting picture. Best of all allowing the kids to have the freedom to be who they are gives the big kids, the adults, something to smile about too. Working as a candid wedding photographer, it certainly makes my job more entertaining.

So, when it comes to the wedding just let the kids be kids!

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